Sphagnum Peat Moss

We are pleased to announce our NuLife™ lineup!
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New & Improved Formulations for Superior Results

Beneficial fungi that attach themselves to or surround the root of the host plant.
The fungi create millions of hyphae which search the soil for available water and nutrients.
Helps make the plant more efficient at procuring these necessary elements and more resistant to disease, drought or other hardships.
Helps a plant thrive with 20%+ reduction in fertilizer and water applications than plants without myco.
A diverse variety of available mycorrhizal species will more likely provide the right capacities for the plant. Some are better at root growth stimulation, improved performance in sandy soils, control of pathogens, drought protection, in phosphorous and nitrogen uptake, in mineral uptake, for increases in flowering or crop yields.
In short – NuLife’s custom blend of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae increases the ability to meet the diverse needs of a wide array of below ground niches and assist a plant to thrive through a range of chemical, biological and physical conditions.
The result for your customer is a successful, bountiful planting experience.
For healthy plants and “best practices” use NuLife Premium and organic soils and composts.

Feather Meal · 12-0-0Yucca Extract
Contains Keratin, not easily broken down by bacteria, which provides a slow release Nitrogen over time.

Alfalfa Meal
Activates soil organisms which convert previously unavailable nutrients in the soil to become more readily available to the plant. Works well in all soil types and conditions.

Kelp Meal
Abundant source of micro nutrients essential for plant growth.        
Contains high levels of natural plant growth hormones and encourages cell division.
Releases Calcium and Magnesium locked in the soil.

Yucca Extract
An all natural wetting agent.
Increases water penetration into soil and alleviates excess water from the root zone.
Stimulates microbial activity.